Tank Glass

Client: Tank Glass
Project Link: http://tankglass.us/

Establish a new glass brand in the ancillary cannabis product market. Develop a unique value proposition with an easy to market identity that fosters conversation and organic growth. Tank Glass had developed a product prototype, but needed to refine and pair it with a brand identity, voice, marketing strategy, and website. On top of this, they needed a robust B2B portal that could take wholesale orders and manage relationships with vendors.

Services rendered:
  • Branding & Identity
  • E-Commerce Website
  • Digital Strategy
  • Content Direction
  • Sales CRM
  • Social Media
  • Advertising
  • Packaging

Insights + Our Solutions

Seeing as most traffic would be mobile, we needed a simple, yet intuitive mobile-optimized website that would both educate and convert, as well as handle wholesale ordering.

We put their customers at the center of our creative process, then developed a three-pronged approach to increase sales - 1. develop a funny and relatable company figure, 2. strategically advertise on low cost, high return networks, and 3. create a web experience that builds brand trust, educates, and maximizes AOV through upsales and marketing tools.

Quality over Quantity

With a limited marketing budget, we had to think smarter. Instead of advertising on dozens of networks, we decided to focus on a few, large outlets we knew would return big.

The few networks we focused on yielded over 10 million views in just three months


Increase in Revenue

Through strategically implemented tools (pop-ups, upsales, giveaways, coupon codes, etc.) Tank Glass was able to increase and sustain growth.


Cost Savings

We redesigned their packaging using custom corrugated inserts that cut packing time in half, breakages by 80%, and overall packaging cost by 20%.


Audience Increase

Tank Glass social accounts saw a cumulative increase of 30,000 IG followers, fb likes, and email subscribers, with 3x more engagement following.

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