Puff Pack

Client: Puff Pack
Project Link: http://thepuffpack.com/

Optimize their platform for subscription ecommerce. Come up with a content strategy that fosters engagement and resonates with their target demographic. Puff Pack had a growing email list, steady traffic, and average engagement on social media. They needed a multi-channel marketing strategy that brought their audience together across all platforms. Lastly, they needed find innovative ways to connect their tools to cut costs and streamline employee efficiency.

Services rendered:
  • Branding & Identity
  • E-Commerce Website
  • Subscription Billing
  • Digital Strategy
  • Content Direction
  • Social Media
  • Advertising

Insights + Our Solutions

Puff Pack already had a growing customer base and traffic. What they needed was a way to better engage + retain this audience, and more effectively capture new customers.

We surveyed Puff Pack's audience to gain insight on what they wanted and then built a strategy around that. We found they wanted a more custom subscription experience, a larger product selection, and a clearer explanation of how their service worked. Through a new, custom platform + website, we were able to educate and convert new visitors quicker, and retain existing subscribers better.


Functional Design, Intuitive UI

With customer confusion being a top conversion deterrent, we rebuilt their website from scratch with a seamless sales funnel that served to both educate and convert visitors into customers.

This was coupled with a completely rebuilt back end that gave subscribers total control of their subscription.


Increase in Recurring Revenue

Not only did more visitors convert, but more customers were staying subscribed due to the new intuitive platform with increased functionality.


Increase in Conversion Rate

After optimizing for mobile and redesigning the website into a sales funnel, more visitors were joining the email list and converting into sales.


Brand Engagements

After revising their content strategy, Puff Pack saw a cumulative increase of 22,000 IG followers, fb likes, and email subscribers, with 2x more engagement.

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